Naturopathy (Aarogya’s RAWSOI)

Aarogya’s RAWSOI is a powerful healing treatment for diseases & pains that avoids the use of drugs & chemicals as they might have negative side effects.

Aarogya’s RAWSOI emphasizes the use of natural agents like air, water, herbs & nutrition which have healing properties.

Aarogya’s RAWSOI helps in restoring the acid – alkaline balance in our body, helps in adding quality nutrition in our diet & helps to detox & rejuvenate our body.

It helps to purify and regenerate the internal cellular environment of our bodies, so we can optimize our sleep, energy, immunity & vitality.

Ayurvedic secrets “ Naturopathy diet helps naturally in healing cancer, respiratory disorders & cardiovascular disorders ,blood pressure & sugar gas/acidity problems and even simple cold and cough easily without any medicine.

Disease of the Respiratory system

Common cold

Diseases of the Digestive System

Cirrhosis of the Liver

Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Ear Infections
Mouth Ulcer (Stomatitis)
Nosebleeds (Epistaxes)
Sore Tongue
Skin Disease (Dermatology)
Corns and Calluses

Diseases of the Urinary System

Enlarged Prostate
Kidney Stones
Painful Urination (Dysuria)


Pre Menstrual Syndrome

Metabolic and Joint Disease

Cervical Spondylosis

This lifestyle is a gift. It might be weird to say this, but I truly feel that changing my diet gave me my LIFE BACK. I was living before, but not ALIVE like this. Before I began my journey back to health, my belief system was that feeling sick and tired was “normal.” Black-out migraines were normal. Depression was normal. Constipation was normal. Truth is…none of those symptoms were normal. It wasn’t until I began to discover what it FELT like to have #HEALTH FREEDOM that I understood our lifestyle choices MATTER.

We live in a society and a system that’s designed to KEEP us sick and tired. We aren’t expected to know differently, much less to act differently. We live in a world where it’s more “normal” to eat highly-processed, toxic, fast-foods than it is to nourish ourselves with an abundance of homegrown #fruits and #veggies.

I’ve been 100% illness-free for 14 years, and I can tell you that THIS WORKS.  It’s not a pill. It’s not a surgery. It’s not a quick-fix. It’s a choice. It’s an #AWAKENING. Yes, it’s a commitment and dedication that requires some un-learning and effort, but the results are far greater than you can imagine.

It starts with one #FullyRawsoi #vegan meal a day. A #juice. A #smoothie. A #salad. It starts with what you put on your plate and with what you consciously consume. it’s about much more than that. It’s a MIND, BODY, SPIRIT journey.

We are the change.

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Much love always!

S No Cause / Simptoms Remedies Time Duration
1. Disease of the Respiratory system Bach Flower Therapy Mini. 30 Days
2. Diseases of the Digestive System Yoga, Naturapathy & Yog Snan Therapy Mini. 4 Week
3. Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Yoga, Naturapathy & Yog Snan Therapy Mini. 30 Days
4. Diseases of the Urinary System Emotional Freedom Technique to Fight All your Emotions. Mini. 4 Week
5. Gynaecology Problems Enhance Your Inner Beauty through certain beauty treatments ( Aroma Therapy ) Mini. 15 Days
6. Metabolic and Joint Disease Diet Counselling Through Naadi Shastra Mini. 4 Week
7. Sexual Disorder Naturapathy & Acqupressure Mini. 4 Week

We Provide in-house facilities for naturopathy treatment as according to the chronicity of the patient.

What You Learn :- Daywise details of the workshop

Day 1

Introduction to naturopathy
Vedic secrets for curing Diabetes & high blood pressure

Day 2

Core principles of naturopathy
Naturopathy for diet management & weight loss

Day 3

Understanding the inter cellular environment of our Body
How diet can help us overcome laziness & feel energetic

Day 4

Why do we fall ill? – Role of toxins & deficiencies
Ayurvedic wisdom of the body

Day 5

Naturopathy for gastrointestinal system
Therapy & cures for gas problems, digestion problems & acidity

Day 6

Remedies & therapies – Helping the body to heal itself
5 excretory organs & their waste products

Day 7

Understanding the different stages of any illness / disorder
Naturopathy for heart health

Day 8

What is overeating (effects of over eating on our body)
Eliminating toxic substances from your everyday diet

Day 9

Ayurvedic secrets on anti aging
Naturopathy for bones & muscles

Day 10

In Depth understanding of deficiencies in the body
Role of vitamins & their sources

Day 11

Maintaining & restoring the acid – alkaline balance in the body

Day 12

Vedic remedies for sleep disorders
Naturopathy for enhancing liver health

Day 13

Maintaining a balanced diet
Suggested replacements for commonly eaten foods

Day 14
Naturopathy to promote kidney health
Taking care of our skin – the vedic way

Day 15

Influence of satvik tamasik rajasik foods

Day 16

The ideal diet to keep our Chakras balanced to ensure uninterrupted flow of energy within the body

Day 17

Naturopathy for promoting the health of our nervous system
Boosting our metabolism & mood management


What We Do


Akasha Chikisthsa


Vayu Chikisthsa

Steam Bath/Hip Bath/Self Enema/Hot and Cold Pax


Aarogya Rawsoi

Aarogya Rawsoi is complete science of curing health with Raw and Soil. A purest nature cure method to treat all your acute and chronic ailments within When disease convert from acute cold and cough to chronic Asthma, or simple gas to diabetes, body pain to arthritis , RAWSOI helps to reverse chronic to acute and later acute to healthy state by

R- regular access of sun rays
A- air by deep breathing
W- wet packs
S- satvik food/
O- oxidation
I- intensive cleansing

Vegan meal packages provided as per requirement.

Venue Whatsapp and Online Workshop

Medium – Audios, videos, reference notes, pdf, practical assignments

Certification of completion to be awarded

To join the workshop, click the link & mention your full name & course name –

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