Even Going through all treatment in life still there are endless suffering, So to understand more AAROGYA’S Gives you training regarding plantery Ups and Downs. Certain Cources Are :-


S. No Course Name Content Time Duration
1. Numerology Detail of Planets 7 Days
2. Tarrot Card Reading Detail of 79 Card Partner And Busines Missing in Life
Lucky Number
Lucky Vehicle
Lucky Partner of Your Life
Missing of Relationship and Children in Life
Cause and Remedies this numerology
7 Days
3. Reiki Ist Understanding Of Universal Energy & Touch Therepy in Your Life. 2 Days
4. Reiki IInd Power Of Visualization and to know how to complete my dream and goals 2 Days
5. Reiki IIIA & Master To Become Complete Master in your Life by Different Skill And Knowledge of your Inner & Outer World 3 Days- another 7 Days
6. Body Analysis : Naadi Shastra (Naturopathy) Course to Know Your Dieses in your body by observing your Naadi & Treating it by various Naturopathy Remedies. 2 Days
7. Online Healing and Training Workshops are also provided. Online meditation teachniq


AAROGYAS JIYO ZINDAGI CLUB gives free counseling and meditation techniques once in a week for brain development, enhance intelligence, & skills and parenting, study skills courses to enhance your potential inner skills. With the common mission of reaching out of people certain teenagers skill programs, and problem solvin g techniques are given in certain ways of handling problems dealing with people & being with yourself. Some programmes based completely on gender & sexuality in which we focus on strength and weakness of boys and girls in general.